Works with almost any voltage or current sensor

Made in the USA

Sentry Process Controller 101 

Programmable options built in but not needed for basic operation.

$95 Process Controller

Process Monitor

Process Meter


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The Sentry Process Controller monitors a sensor output (voltage or current), displays a reading in user determined units, and operates a relay if the threshold set point is surpassed.


                Select voltage or current sensor input
  LCD display for displaying the process value, setpoint, and relay operation.
  Three button keypad for entering setpoint adjustments and programming.
  SPDT 5A relay
  Wall mountable enclosure
  +24V or +12V wall power adapter for unit operation and sensor power.
  Fixed five count hysteresis and averaging.
  Selectable decimal point


Design Considerations

The Sentry Process Controller 101 is a low cost way to switch on or off a device based on the measured value of a sensor. Just as a thermostat can control temperature, the Sentry Process Controller can provide process control of almost any process based on the wide variety of sensors types that can be accommodated.

The Sentry Process Controller should not be used as a sole control element in applications of safety or critical function. These applications should always be designed with redundancy.

Caution: voltage input should not exceed 10V or current input should not exceed 5V.


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